What Our Partners Say

Based on my 30+ year career in veterinary public health, I think your course provided an excellent and innovative way for our students to expand their knowledge of zoonotic diseases and the connections between veterinary medicine and public health.  Its format also allowed me to build flexibility into the schedule for our students, in one of their most demanding semesters at our college.

Michael Cates

James B. Nichols Professor of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University

The whole CET team are knowledgeable and ‘user friendly”. I put together the concepts of case content, and they dealt with all of the technologic details to produce a sophisticated, interactive case that will be used in the 2VM parasitology course. Because of the structure of the process and the service provided by the CET team, we plan to develop more of these cases.

Karen Snowden

Professor of Parasitology at Texas A&M University

From the very outset of our collaboration, you have mixed structure and creativity masterfully, while simultaneously building the necessary infrastructure and assembling a team of talented individuals to produce and sustain an unparalleled level of quality for the final product.

Lawrence Hill

Service Head for Community Practice at The Ohio State University

Thanks to Dr. Korich’s leadership, we have developed high quality training materials, accommodated the range of technical and English language skills of the participants, and kept the project expenditures in line with the budget. The Pakistani government officials who are benefiting from the training have reported that they are already applying their increased knowledge of trade rules on-the-job.

Kelly Skupnik

International Trade Specialist at the United States Department of Agriculture

You truly have the most talented teaching technology group I have worked with from any veterinary school in North America. I look forward to continued collaboration with [the CET] group.

Daniel Smeak

Chief of Surgery at Colorado State University

Jodi and her team provided me the opportunity to take my ideas and teaching abilities to the next level with a quality, state-of-the-art product.

Dr. Ashley Saunders

Associate Professor, Texas A&M University

They were 100% respectful of my wishes. The finished product is a true reflection of my thoughts and knowledge, but brings the material together in a way that I could never have managed without [their] help.

Audrey Cook

Associate Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine at Texas A&M University