Veterinary Continuing Education

The Challenge

Online continuing education is generally composed of lecture-capture videos, where the student is a passive participant in the learning process. Seeking to deliver a more rigorous learning experience for veterinarians, The CET began researching ways to develop cutting edge CE content that provided users unique educational opportunities.

The Solution

CE courses created by the CET leverage proven pedagogical and new technological approaches to solve the challenges of veterinary education. Courses promote interactive discovery, where learners apply information, make decisions, and receive feedback to help them practice clinical decision-making. Media-rich and highly engaging, these courses represent the next generation of veterinary education.

Expert Author Collaborations

The CET offers module authors multiple options to share information, whether it be through videos, photos, or illustrations. Pulling them together into one online course enables people with different learning styles to be engaged in the lesson.

Dr. Bert Dodd

Clinical Professor, Texas A&M University

After working with the Center for Educational Technologies to develop Case Studies in Cardiology: the Coughing Dog, I gained a new appreciation for the time, effort, and quality put into these modules… it was a fantastic experience to work with the team from a creative standpoint in regards to content, thought process, images, video, and audio.

Dr. Ashley Saunders

Associate Professor, Texas A&M University

As faculty members, we are always reminding students that they have a responsibility to be lifelong learners, and this is facilitated by forward-thinking teaching models. This move to online, self-directed learning using clever visuals is the way forward.

Dr. Audrey Cook

Associate Professor, Texas A&M University

Interested in collaborating on CE courses? You could become an expert author!

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