Step Assessments: Ranking

This assessment type presents the learner with a stack of two or more drop-lists, all sharing an identically-ordered list of options that must be ranked/ordered. The learner must recreate the ranking order set by the author to achieve a Correct funneled result. All items in the stack must have a ranking position selected before the learner can check the assessment results.

Use the “Add Ranking Slot” button to add a new ranking slot to the top of the stack.

Random Order In Player :
  • When toggled “on”, the options stacks in all ranking drop-lists are randomized/shuffled identically.
  • It is recommended to always have this option toggled “on”, unless it is important to present the learner with the correct ranking order by default.

Ranking Selections (Ranking Set Option) :
  • Each Ranking Selections box in the stack represents an option that is displayed to the learner, repeated in each ranking drop-list. A Display Text field is provided.
  • Use the Up/Down reposition buttons to set the Correct ranking order of the all options in Ranking Selections stack.

Ranking assessments do not provide a Quasi-Correct funneled result determination (See below for more information regarding Quasi-Correct results.)

Scroll down the editor panel to see how the assessment's responses are funneled to different results. Under Funneled Result Handling, you may see one or more drop-down options for handling certain response conditions :
  • Dirty-Correct: Learner provides one or more Correct AND one or more Non-Correct responses (only available if both Correct and Non-Correct responses are possible.)
  • Quasi-Correct: Learner provides one or more, but not all, necessary Correct responses AND no Non-Correct responses (only available if two or more Correct responses are possible.)
Funneling rules are as follows:
Response CombinationFunneled Result
Correct (no Non-Corrects, all necessary Corrects)Correct
Correct (no Non-Corrects, but not all necessary Corrects)Quasi-Correct
Partial (only)Partial
Incorrect (only)Incorrect
Neutral (only)Neutral
Correct + IncorrectDirty-Correct
Correct + PartialDirty-Correct
Correct + NeutralDirty-Correct
Correct + Incorrect + PartialDirty-Correct
Correct + Incorrect + NeutralDirty-Correct
Correct + Partial + NeutralDirty-Correct
Correct + Incorrect + Partial + NeutralDirty-Correct
Incorrect + PartialPartial
Incorrect + NeutralIncorrect
Incorrect + Partial + NeutralPartial
Partial + NeutralPartial
Nullify (if applicable, regardless of combination with any other status type)Nullify
If there are no responses with a status set to Partial or Neutral, there will not be a Partial or Neutral funneled result available.  You may manually add these results to the funneled handling stack by checking the Add Partial Result or Add Neutral Result, respectively.

For each funneled result, add the text you wish the students to see by typing in the Feedback Text box. If the feedback text is left blank, the student will still see a popup with the resulting status (Correct, Incorrect, etc.)  If you do not wish to have any feedback popup for a given funneled result, use the “Clear Feedback” button — with no feedback applied to the funneled result, the learner will simply move forward to the funneled result's target step. Test your changes and settings by viewing the step’s Preview.

It is possible that one or more existing funneled results may not be reachable by the learner due to assessment structure or the available response combinations, etc.. This is normal and should not be an issue.

Scoring Ranking Assessments
No score tally is performed for the assessment, all scoring is set by the funneled results.

Ranking Example
Here we are presenting the learner with a stack of 5 items to be ranked. The learner’s task is to assign the proper order of the options within each ranking droplist in the stack.

If the learner’s ranked ordering has one or more properly-placed elements (but not a completely-Correct ranking order), the funneled handling is passed through the Dirty-Correct handling determination. The other possible results are completely Correct and completely Incorrect rankings.