StepStone Version 1.9 release date 12/17/2019

New Features for version 1.9

  • Popup Topics (Subsequence Format)
    •  Popup topics allow authors to build a grid of launchable miniature narratives on a single step. Each popup topic supports any arbitrary number of informational content pages and can serve as a method for breaking up large amounts of text or detail into manageable sections. Like their regular “base” step counterparts, popup topic pages can be augmented with images, video, or PDF documents.

  • Author Biographical Information Storage
    • Authors can keep and maintain a detailed list of contributors that will persist across editing sessions.
  • Rich Text Formatting for Title and Overview Fields (Available in Course Packager)
    • Authors can further format text (i.e. bold, italics) in the title and overview fields when packaging a course to be published.

  • Score Tally Mode
    • Score Tally Mode can assist authors in determining a maximum and/or passing score when building a scored Path. This editing mode provides a simple method for complete or partial summing of the highest possible scores of every scored-assessment Step in a Path.