Working with Images

Image requirements

When uploading images to the Media Manager, follow these guidelines:

File types

Upload images in .jpg, .gif, .svg or .png format only. .psd, .tff, and .eps files aren’t compatible.

File name

Only use letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens in file names. Other characters (like question marks, percent signs, and ampersands) may upload incorrectly or cause unexpected behavior.

File size

It’s recommended to use image files of less than 500 KB for best results. Larger files may detract from the learning experience.


Use a screen image resolution, or 72dpi.

Color mode

Save images in RGB color mode. Print mode (CMYK) won’t render in most browsers.

Color profile

Save images in the sRGB color profile. If images don’t look right on mobile devices, it’s probably because they don’t have an sRGB color profile.  

Editing Images

To edit images you’ll need to use third-party software. Here are a few applications you can use:

Online editors

Desktop editors