Step Info Layouts: Singular Audio/Video

To to swap from another Step Info layout to Singular AV Media, select the appropriate step. Navigate to the Info & Scenario tab. Click Choose Info Section Layout.

Select the Singular Media layout set from the Choose Layout Set menu. Next, select the AV Media layout style, followed by the desired variant and theme options. Click Apply.

The AV Media layout type consists of the following elements:
  • Step title
  • Step main text
  • background image
  • contextual launcher image for video
  • video ID to indicate targeted video file on selected video hosting service
  • (optional) accent image, if accent layout variant is selected

The context image editing area provides the following controls/inputs:
  • caption field
  • screenreader-only assistive description
  • width and framing options

The AV Media layout places a launcher image alongside the main text content that opens a modal panel containing an embedded video with keyboard-assistive controls available. Currently available video platforms in StepStone are Vimeo and YouTube. Please review the knowledgebase article Editing a Step: Adding Media for more information about working with the StepStone Media Manager. Additionally, review the knowledgebase article Editing a Step: Adding a Video for more information about adding videos using the StepStone Media Manager.