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We help you share your content with the world.

An effective site for sharing resources involves more than a Squarespace or WordPress template. To distribute your resources around the globe, you need a website space with robust analytics that allows you to fully engage and track how your materials are being accessed and used. Our team offers solutions for all your digital curriculum and training material distribution needs.

Our hosting services afford you the power of content distribution in a stable, reliable environment that can be accessed worldwide. In the online space we create for you, users will have a login that grants them access to your materials and activities on a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. We’ll even help you set up and manage your resources being shared.

The Benefits of Our Web Hosting Services

Our world is a global world, and you need to be able to distribute your resources widely. Online content and digital experiences serve as the backbone of your hosted site, from content distribution to assessment to documentation and beyond. With our web hosting services, you can:

Store learning materials

Publish presentations

Share articles and resources

Host educational videos

Track learner progress and activity

Create a shared discussion space

Not only do you need to be able to distribute materials widely and easily, you need to be able to track users’ progress and engagement with your materials. Nothing allows you to do this better than analytics. Our sites provide reporting on user engagement and progress, including when and how often they’ve logged into the site, what resources they’ve viewed, and even if they’ve attempted or completed any quizzes or scored materials. Knowledge is power, and the knowledge of your users’ progress and engagement is even more powerful when it comes to creating a space that serves the needs of its users.

You can also customize your content distribution by marking it with your personal branding. Our CET members will sit down with you in a one-on-one consultation to set this up. From setup to support, our team is here to help you establish a user-friendly environment that provides data for you to more effectively educate and share your resources worldwide.

    How Can Our Web Hosting Services Support Teaching?

    Allows for easy curriculum integration

    Each student user has a login and access to a help desk for support.

    Enhances learning

    You have the option to add assessments, quizzes, tests, and surveys to make learning more interactive and effective.

    Builds community amongst learners

    Centralized social exchange between teachers and students makes for a strong collaborative environment.

    Provides you, the instructor, with insight

    Gain a complete picture of student usage, progress, and achievement through powerful tracking tools and reports