IowaFADefense Certification Program

Foreign animal diseases are a looming threat to the United States, due to their potential for significantly impacting animal health and production. Rapid control and eradication of any identified foreign animal disease is necessary to protect the long-term success of the nation’s animal agriculture sector.


Private veterinarians often serve as first-responders to the ever-looming threat of foreign animal diseases (FAD) and emerging disease incidents. The frequency that the United States has had to manage large animal disease events has become more frequent over the past decade. With trade markets becoming more open, animal production practices intensifying, and infectious pathogens continuing to evolve, these challenges have made a distinct impact on how we think about foreign animal disease management. To equip private veterinarians with the core knowledge and competency necessary to identify potential outbreaks and assist in the diagnosis, the CET partnered with the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS) to develop a blended learning experience where Iowa veterinarians would be trained on foreign animal disease and emergency response topics.


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The IFAD program is divided into two phases, with the opportunity to become certified along three different certificate pathways. During Phase 1, participants complete a Webinar Workshop series where learners attend online webinars and complete virtual tabletop activities.  Upon successful completion of Phase 1, learners are invited to participate in Phase 2 of the certificate program. Here learners can become certified across any of the three certificate topics: Diagnosis of Foreign Animal Disease, Biosecurity, and Outbreak Planning and Investigation by completing a video-based module and accompanying formal assessment. This program effectively supports veterinarians as they navigate foreign animal disease and emergency response topics.

flow chart for the IFAD course progression, starting with the webinar series, proceeding to the Diagnosis module, Biosecurity module, or outbreak planning and investigation module. Each module consists of an online component followed by a quiz, which if passed results in a certificate, or if failed results in repeating the course
icons from the iFAD course including PPE, sanitation, and record-keeping
course images showing prevention of disease spread
still frames from the videos showing farm location concept and org chart
Iowa county map showing 78 participating counties

Licensed veterinarians from 58 counties across the state have participated in the IowaFADefense Certification Program to date.

Licensed Iowa Veterinarians Participating

Certificates Earned

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