Foreign Animal Disease Investigation Course and Manual

Foreign animal disease investigations require speed and accuracy. This training program and reference manual provide clear guidance and transparent information about the procedures and personnel involved.


When it comes to safeguarding the country’s agriculture industry from the threat of foreign animal diseases, the USDA enlists the help of veterinarians from across the United States. These foreign animal disease diagnosticians (FADDs) respond to potential outbreaks, conducting field investigations to rapidly diagnose and contain disease outbreaks. The training program and resources developed through this project  provide valuable continuing education for FADDs, ensuring they have up-to-date knowledge and skills necessary to protect the U.S. food supply.


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Learners progress through a series of media-rich online instructional modules and real-world case studies which provide the proper steps to conduct field investigations, collect samples, use personal protective equipment, and the tools to respond effectively when faced with a foreign animal disease outbreak.

Interactive components offer opportunities for practicing skill application, decision making, and utilization of agency resources. Included assessment tools support learner progress tracking and reporting.

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We were also tasked with developing a field manual to assist veterinarians in conducting outbreak investigations. Our challenge was to convert hundreds of pages of official USDA policy memoranda into one user-friendly field reference for veterinarians. The manual provides investigators with a comprehensive yet concise reference to help guide them in conducting a disease investigation. Images, flowcharts, and tables are used extensively throughout the manual to simplify complex procedures.

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Printed on Yupo paper, a water-resistant plastic paper, this innovative manual can be washed and disinfected after each use. QR codes embedded on the pages allow users to watch videos explaining proper methods for collecting diagnostic samples on their mobile devices.

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