Specialty: Nephrology

Species: Canine, Feline

Diagnosis: Chronic Kidney Disease

AAVMC Standards: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6

Institutional Licensing Available: $4,500/unlimited users

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    This collection of case studies is designed to help veterinary students learn how to recognize chronic kidney disease from acute kidney injury and determine clinical signs, diagnosis, IRIS staging, and IRIS sub-staging. In this course package, learners are assigned cases based on prior performance as they work through four levels of case studies on diagnosing and managing feline and canine kidney disease.

    What's Included

    With an approximate contact time of 4 hours, Chronic Kidney Disease Adaptive Case Studies includes the following:

    Case Studies

    14 cases arranged within 4 levels of progressive advancement.

    Diagram showing 4 levels of case studies progressing in difficulty

    Instructor Tools

    A Course Welcome page guides learners on how to navigate through the adaptive case studies and explains how mastery of key concepts is evaluated.


    Each case study provides students with opportunities to apply their knowledge during the scenario and receive feedback on their performance. A summative score will be calculated for each case study that will be used to determine which case study is made available next to the learner.


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