Specialty: Surgery

Species: All 

AAVMC Standards: 2.1

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    This course provides the novice surgeon with detailed instructions on basic knot-tying techniques, including instrument and hand-ties. Using a combination of interactive media, students will learn the fundamental principles of knot tying, while a series of practice exercises helps prepare students for face-to-face surgery labs.

    What's Included

    With an approximate contact time of 4 hours, Core Surgical Skills II: Knot Tying with Instruments and Hands includes the following:

    Learning Modules:

    • The 3-steps of knot construction
    • Security, suture materials & slippage
    • Gathering & sliding suture
    • Square knot
    • Surgeon’s knot
    • Slip knot
    • Instrument ties
    • Hand ties
    • One-hand technique
    • Two-hand technique
    • Deep two-hand technique

    Instructor Tools

    • Independent activities help students practice skills before attending labs.
    • Lab guides help instructors evaluate and track student mastery of skills.


    • Formative: Interactive practice exercises at the end of lessons pro- vide students with opportunities to apply the material and receive feedback on their performance.
    • Summative: Graded exams at the end of modules provide students with opportunities to demonstrate content mastery and report scores to faculty.


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