Specialty: Professional & Clinical Skills

Species: All 

AAVMC Standards: 5.1, 5.2, 5.3

Institutional Licensing Available: $2,250 with completion of train-the-trainer program

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    The Veterinary Healthcare Communication Curriculum (formerly The Veterinary Communication Project at IHC) addresses gaps in veterinarian-client communication training at veterinary schools. The curriculum includes 16 lessons with tools and resources for improving communication skills on various topics. Teaching communication in veterinary medicine is now endorsed through national reports and the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination testing of client communication skills for licensure. Veterinary academic surveys have consistently demonstrated that practice success depends on effective communication skills, and consumer surveys show that good communication is the number one priority when animal owners choose or decide to stay with a veterinary practice.

    Are you looking to enhance your veterinary healthcare team's communication skills to better serve your clients and patients? Look no further than our comprehensive Veterinary Healthcare Communication Curriculum! Designed by industry experts, this curriculum is tailored specifically for veterinary students and professionals to develop effective communication strategies and improve client interactions.

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    What's Included

    Learning Modules

    1. Building Teams that Work
    2. Getting the Story 
    3. Roles and Choices
    4. Euthanasia
    5. Just Give 2 BID: Enhancing Adherence
    6. It Goes Without Saying: Nonverbal Communication
    7. Eye of the Beholder: Difficult Interactions between Veterinarians and Clients 
    8. Elephant in the Room: Money in the Veterinarian Client Relationship 
    9. Strangers in Crisis: Partners in Care
    10. Are We Good Here?: Speaking of Ethics 
    11. Breaking the Silence: Disclosing Medical Errors
    12. Easy for You to Say: Communication Within the Healthcare Team
    13. Building TRUST
    14. Compassion Fatigue: Caring until it hurts
    15. Clear the Air: Tools for Managing Team Conflict and Enhancing Team Collaboration 
    16. The Power of Feedback
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